About Black Opal Studio

I'm Melissa Reyes! Owner of Black Opal Studio, nail technician, and gel expert.

As an introvert, the nail industry has had its challenges. But that's why I chose a private studio. If you are someone that enjoys conversation during your appointment, that's great! But if you have days where you want to sit quietly and relax while I work, that's perfectly fine as well. My goal with every appointment is to get to know your style and nail needs in order to give you the best custom-fit service, along with artwork that speaks to you. It's more than just nails. It's a connection, a "nailationship" built on trust, respect, and understanding. I'm here to listen to what you need and give you nails that lift you up while reaching those dream nail goals.

I have over 13 years of experience as a nail technician, 10 of those years as a gel expert. My priority is nail health and education. I'm happy to answer questions, explain all parts of the process, and provide education about different products and those that are best suited for every nail type. I have honed my techniques to avoid damage or thinning of the natural nail, improving the cuticle and surrounding skin while offering maximum adhesion of gel products.

I encourage you to come and enjoy the beautiful view from my second-floor windows. Or sit comfortably in my waiting area with a bubbly beverage or hot tea before your appointment. Settled next to the Greenway, walking trails and nature are steps away if you need to stretch your legs before or after your appointment. There are many restaurants to choose from in the surrounding area as well. Free parking in the lot surrounding the building. Contact me today!