Gel Overlay Nails

Gel Overlay Nails by Black Opal Studio

In Black Opal, I prioritize nail health and giving you those dream nails!

Gel overlays are never soaked off and then reapplied, which can cause thinning of nails over time. I use gentle e-file techniques that keep those nails healthy and strong! Which will allow you to grow into your dream length and shape.

A gel overlay, or structured manicure, is done with a builder/structure gel or hard gel (depending on your natural nails and goal length). The difference between a gel manicure and a gel overlay is that an overlay offers more structure and durability. This allows your natural nails to grow to your desired length and keeps them strong. Clients rave about their nails holding up beautifully for 4+ weeks, saving them time and money between their monthly scheduled appointments. With a thorough consultation at your first appointment, I can determine the best fit to reach your nail goals. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have or book your appointment today.

Nail art options can be booked in addition to any service